Our history of impact

Sparksoft Cares began in 2015 with ambitions to enhance the lives of those in our community and around the world while encompassing our four core company values centered on ensuring people live healthier lives. Since then, we have supported over 50 nonprofits spanning from food shelters, sponsoring families during the holidays, and raising awareness of and support of veterans with PTSD. Along with volunteer work, we have committed ourselves to advancing education for students across the Maryland-D.C. area including Baltimore County Schools STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics), Our Kids, Our Future, and Elite Acheivers to help fund student's college tuition.

"At Sparksoft Corporation, we believe that it is our duty as a community to support those who have sacrificed so much for our freedom."

- Mike Finkel, CEO
Our Partners

Sparksoft partners with local and national organizations dedicated to improving the lives of all through our "Sparksoft Cares" program. Below are some of the organizations we have worked with:

Crohn's and Colitis, St. Jude, HopeWorks, Adopt a Family Maryland, Toys for Tots, Baltimore City Schools STEAM, Ulman Foundation, Headstrong, Voices for Vets, Warrior Canine Connection, Unicef USA, Elite Achivers, Our Kids, Our Future, Gilchist

Our Commitment to sustainability
Sparksoft has a documented environmental policy to drive our unwavering commitment to environmental progress. We commit to effectively managing our significant environmental impacts by crafting policies aimed to mitigate our principal sources of waste, rigorously monitor and comply with relevant environmental legislation, and engage in community projects to foster sustainability where we work and live.

We were able to raise over $20,000 towards the Crohn's and Colitis Foundation during our 2023 auction!

Sparksoft Joins NIH in Providing Aid to Children

To help the National Institute of Health's Children's Inn with their mission to provide residential services and a wide range of programs to children, teens, and young adults with rare and serious diseases, Sparksoft is lending itself to the cause by providing meals and other resources to the residents of the Inn.

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