SparkGrid empowers seamless Snowflake communication for users of all experience levels. Bypassing interfaces that often require technical backgrounds, SparkGrid’s tabularized layout mimics the user experience of standard, familiar spreadsheet applications. Adding and removing rows and columns, renaming columns, and editing fields (including support for multi-field edits) become as straightforward as editing an Excel spreadsheet.

This streamlined conversion between intuitive visual displays and SQL queries for relational databases offers a universal accessibility to Snowflake’s powerful database warehouses; while some data management systems may offer graphical user interfaces, SparkGrid ensures consistent accessibility across platforms and ensures an interface that prioritizes users of all skill levels. Edits are automatically organized to prevent conflicts and can be committed to the database with a single click. SparkGrid’s error handling system will pause the commit on any invalid entry and highlight the row or cell containing commit errors.

To further equalize users’ SQL expertise, all changes to tables may be previewed as SQL statements for either review or educational purposes prior to commission to the database.

Today, a majority of databases are used by personnel whose background knowledge of the data is compromised by difficulty navigating relational or hierarchical data storage. Not only can SparkGrid’s accessibility initiative minimize required training, but it also takes advantage of Snowflake’s powerful data management features, including a role-based setup that ensures team members are automatically restricted to permitted tables for company-wide protection against data exposure and abuse.

SparkGrid’s table format bypasses lengthy and inconvenient form submission and encourages direct database interaction by guaranteeing a platform designed for all users - while maintaining support for the latest and most advantageous data platforms.

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  • Tabularized, intuitive & familiar GUI
  • Support for the industry-leading Snowflake cloud data platform
  • Varied functionality: select; navigate and sort multiple tables; add and delete rows, columns, and tables
  • Edit singular or multiple fields at a time
  • SQL statement preview
  • Takes advantage of Snowflake’s unique data management features, including role-specific table access and database schemas
  • Built-in error handling & security protocols
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