Testing is labor intensive.

We have run extensive testing, both manual and automated, on large and incredibly complex systems. Through this we have identified pain points in the testing process, and gained valuable understanding of the unique needs of these processes. We knew there had to be a way to streamline testing.

So we created ScriptHive.

ScriptHive is a hybrid automation testing framework, supporting both Test Driven and Business Driven Development. More than that, it is reusable and customizable. You set ScriptHive up to run your test scripts for a project, and at the end you can re-tailor the framework for use with your next project, eliminating the need to build a new framework each time.

ScriptHive has been built to run grid-based parallel execution, in a cloud environment. This allows you to run multiple tests across browsers,concurrently, and without the need for physical machines. We also added features for scheduling tests, monitoring, recovery, and automatically generated and shared reporting.

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  • Hybrid framework for both Test and Business Driven Development.
  • Reusable, flexible, and customizable to each project.
  • Cloud based execution eliminates the dependence on physical machines for testing.
  • Automatic script triggering allows you to schedule testing, without manual supervision.
  • Automatically generates and shares test results.
  • Built to run parallel execution, across browsers.
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We have combined our desire to deliver innovation along with our experiences and lessons learned serving our customers to identify opportunities for improvement.

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