Testing is critical.

It is also complex, time consuming, and expensive. Loading data is slow, and you can’t test during this time. Further delays are caused by waiting for all of the components to be completed before testing. This lost time adds up quickly, and is costly. We knew that we could develop a way to bring efficiency and flexibility to this cumbersome process.

So we created MockSpider.

MockSpider provides a virtual environment for your data, and creates a “sandbox” for developers to test in. Data can be batch uploaded, and is available immediately to begin testing. Your data is infinitely reusable, and available to multiple systems.

MockSpider can also simulate incomplete components, allowing you to test your completed components earlier. Developing and testing concurrently makes finding and fixing bugs easier, and significantly shortens the lifecycle of your project.

Now, testing is fast, flexible, and affordable.
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  • Provided as Software as a Service (SaaS), it is easily scalable.
  • You don’t have to develop and manage web service sandboxes, MockSpider takes care of it all for you.
  • You can choose to use our secure cloud hosting, or install it in your data center.
  • It mocks services for SOAP and REST.
  • Virtualized data is available for testing immediately, infinitely reusable, and accessible to multiple testing systems.
  • Incomplete components of your application are simulated, so completed components can be tested earlier.
  • You can mock services quickly and easily using Smart Templates.
  • Enterprise level role-based access controls access to information.
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