Leveraging data to expand health and life sciences

In the ever-evolving landscape of health and life sciences, Sparksoft excels in efficiently managing and analyzing complex and expansive datasets, a fundamental necessity for the industry. We adeptly handle a wide array of data, including electronic health records, clinical trial data, patient histories, and environmental information, showcasing our paramount expertise in Information Technology. We leverage state-of-the-art big data technologies and high-performance computing to navigate these extensive datasets, extracting invaluable insights that empower informed decision-making.

Our Experts share an unwavering commitment to Health Equity
In today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, understanding your population’s needs is crucial. Our proficiency extends to public health informatics, a vital fusion of public health and IT, with a profound impact on population health management and epidemiological research. This expertise enables the analysis of healthcare market research, disease patterns, and healthcare outcomes, to build informed solutions to better meet your population’s needs.
Epidemiological solutions for today
Our epidemiological capabilities are backed by passionate public health researchers and seasoned health information technologists. Our 20 years of experience in federal health information technology gives us the tools to build technologically adept solutions that epidemiology requires today. From providing critical insights into the nation's health to using the social determinants of health to design tailored solutions, Sparksoft is committed to providing you with the tools to make data-driven decisions.
Past Performances
  • CDC Immunization Gateway
  • NAVY Bureau of Medicine and Surgery
  • CDC IT Development & Informatics Support for Division of Bacterial Diseases
  • NHLBI Use Case IT Training Support
Championing accessibility in health information technology
In the realm of healthcare, we pioneer transformative changes in clinical research and patient care by optimizing clinical information systems with health and technological literacy in mind. Our solutions enhance accessibility, promote information sharing, and contribute to the advancement of clinical studies, fortifying public health initiatives. We are committed to promoting health equity through our work by addressing the social determinants of health at play and barriers to equitable healthcare access. Our public health and health informatics team will work with you to champion accessibility and build solutions for a more equitable tomorrow.
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