Our Mission:

To ignite innovation,
inspire transformation, and implement digital solutions for a healthier nation.

At Sparksoft, our mission is to deliver innovative IT solutions that make what you do easier. We believe that passion drives great ideas, collaboration builds better solutions, and valuing integrity creates a culture of positive change. We have supported critical and high visibility IT projects, built award-winning applications, kick-started an in-house innovation lab, and developed new tools that save you time and money through a project lifecycle. We aren’t about “business as usual”.

This is Sparksoft.

Excellent people, strong values, proven experience, and a support infrastructure designed to produce the most innovative and effective solutions.

Inspiring Others to do the Same

At Sparksoft, our true strength lies in our focus on innovation. Our exceptionally skilled people, proven leadership, and optimized processes all work together to support our push for a better solution. Igniting innovation means that we are always trying to be at the forefront of any Health IT effort and working tirelessly to delivery quality products within budget and timeframe.

Implementing the Latest Services

We know that a successful solution must be grounded in an excellent client relationship and consistent processes, in order to solve the dynamic problems present today. However, we have taken this groundwork and built Innovation Centers to support our service capabilities, and developed SparkLabs to our team's best ideas into production. We take industry best practices that produce strong solutions, and blend them with our passion for innovation, to deliver solutions that are successful today, and tomorrow.

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DevSecOps Delivery

Data Science

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