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Sparksoft is a mature, women-owned business trusted as a primary source for information technology solutions. Our proven record supports Federal and State enterprise and mission-critical programs to create a healthier nation. Our technical teams are driven by the desire to continously innovate and provide our expertise in modern digital information technology services.

Test Automation

As an organization, we are passionate about quality. We utilize Agile methodologies and our innovative DevTOps concept to test during development, providing our customers with insights earlier.

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Creating accessible and state-of-the-art IT systems

Our test automation and IV & V teams perform critical, end-to-end system testing to ensure your systems are compliant and performing at their highest potential. We have developed processes and tools, such as our 508Bee, to achieve accessible systems and funtionality for your users.

Data Science

Our data forensics teams scrutinize digital assets and transactions across our Medicare, Medicaid, and ACA Marketplace business lines for program vulnerabilities, compliance risks, and cost efficiencies using AI neural networks and deep ML algorithms.

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Our Hub was essential in these projects and teams

Hub is a critical component of the CMS Marketplace enterprise environment and the Affordable Care Act systems. We collaborate with the Centers of Medicare and Medicaid to implement strong governance and program management, technology discipline, and innovation to deliver services supporting millions of Americans to enroll into qualified health plans.

DevSecOps Delivery

Our teams design and build new systems from the ground up, integrate new functionalities, assess current architecture, convert leacy systems, maintain current systems, and more.

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Hear what our partners say about us:

"I have been thrilled with the findings and results that your team provides. Your insight into our operations is invaluable. Thank you again to you and your team for recognizing there may be an issue ‘outside your purview’ and for reporting it so we could get it addressed.” - CMS

Life Sciences

We adeptly handle a wide array of data, including electronic health records, clinical trial data, patient histories, and environmental information. Sparksoft leverages state-of-the-art big data technologies and high-performance computing to navigate these extensive datasets.

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We Partner With the Largest Names in Healthcare IT

Sparksoft is uniquely positioned to provide IT Services that serve your agency and its mission. Alongside our contract holdings, Sparksoft brings a unique combination of development, testing, and incomparable delivery service experience.

Contact Center Operations

We deliver innovative Customer Support solutions that provide your oranization with solutions that leverage automation, self-service, call backs, and several advanced interactive voice response capabilities.

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