508 compliance is important.

508 compliance is not a new requirement, but standards remain poorly understood by many, and testing is often performed as an afterthought.

We decided to simplify 508 testing, and make it easier. The solution needed to be fast, flexible, and able to stand alone or integrate into a current system.

So we created 508bee.

508bee is a browser plug-in and API that tests websites and documents for 508b and WCAG AA standards compliance.

Define what you want to test (a single page, the whole site, a user path, etc.), and 508bee will automatically check the code against its database of standards rules. It returns reports that are easy to understand, and built to help developers fix the code quickly.

508bee can be integrated into your development and testing environments, and modified with custom scripts to tailor its performance. The API easily integrates with Selenium frameworks, making 508bee an integral part of automation testing. This encourages testing early and often, and brings awareness of 508 compliance issues into the whole lifecycle.

Don’t just test, develop for compliance.
Get Compliant with 508Bee
508Bee Features
  • Plug-in format makes it easy to test right from the browser.
  • Tests static and dynamic pages, in both standard and responsive sites.
  • Has a Developer mode that highlights web elements, and allows the developer to fix the issues in debug mode.
  • Reports are designed for developers, to help fix the code faster.
  • Tests documents, such as PDFs, hosted on your site or uploaded through the web portal.
  • Can be integrated with your Content Management System, and customized with scripts.
  • Tests both 508b and WCAG AA rules.
Ready to maximize your compliance?

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