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Test Automation

As an organization, we are passionate about quality. We utilize Agile methodologies and our innovative DevTOps concept to test during development; providing our customers with insights earlier. This results in more informed decision making, resolving issues at lowest cost, and an overall improvement in lifecycle efficiency.

Harsha Boddepalli
Senior Automation Architect

Mr. Bodepalli is a skilled Senior Automation Architect with over 10 years of experience in requirements gathering, analysis, design, development, user acceptance testing, business process engineering, and implementation of projects. He possesses an MBA and an MBI Level 5 clearance. Mr. Bodepalli is experienced with wide range of tools, including Selenium 2.0, SOAP UI, CALT, Jira, Quality Center, MarkLogic, HADOOP Map Reduce, SQOOP, HIVE, HBASE, and GUI which allows him to provide expertise on all forms of testing.

Prem Kumar
Automation Test Specialist

An experienced Test Automation Specialist, Mr. Kumar has over eight years of professional experience developing Business Intelligence Applications and Quality Assurance Solutions for the Health IT and Finance industries. He has worked on Selenium WebDrier Java Automation for the marketplace application creation and also has extensive knowledge in testing ACA modules. His experience with BI Reporting and Testing tools include Tableau, Cognos10, Crystal Reports, Selenium Webdriver, TestNG, Jenkins, AutoIT, and Sikuli. In addition, Mr. Kumar has hands-on experience with Integration, Functional, System, End-to-End, Regression, User Acceptance, and Agile testing.

Sindhu Srinivasan
Automation Test Specialist

Ms. Srinivasan is a seasoned Test Automation Specialist with over four years of total IT experience in designing, development, and testing and over four years of experience in business requirements analysis, application design, development, and implementation. Additionally, Ms. Srinivasan has over three years of experience with Java, C#, C++, and other object-oriented programming languages. To add, she has hands-on experience with Oracle and SQL Server through writing stored procedures, functions, cursors, triggers, views, and creating RDBMS.

Past Performances (At Sparksoft)

  • CMS/CCIIO Marketplace Advisor System Integrator (MASI)
  • CMS/CCIIO Accountable Care Act (ACA) Testing
  • CMS/CCIIO Multidimensional Information and Data Analytics System (MIDAS)
  • CMS/OIT HETS Independent Testing Contractor (HITC)
  • CMS/CMMI Independent Verification and Validation (IV&V)
  • CMS/CCSQ HCQIS Enterprise Integrated Supplemental Testing (HEIST)
  • FAA Information Systems Penetration Testing
  • Massachusetts Health Insurance Exchange (MA HIX)
  • Johns Hopkins University Testing Program