OASIS is a designated Best-in-Class (BIC) vehicle that provides all Federal agencies the flexibility for all contract types with innovative solutions for complex professional services that span 28 North American Industry Classification System (NAICS) Codes and 6 NAICS Code Exceptions under the economic subsector 541 – Professional, Scientific, and Technical Services. Regardless of the particular area of expertise or mission space of the agency originating the requirement, OASIS may be used to support and/or improve an organization’s Program Management, Management Consulting, Engineering, Scientific, Logistics, and Financial disciplines that span all life cycle phases for a total integrated solution as illustrated below in the OASIS SB Program Architecture.

Sparksoft Award:

Small Business (SB) 8(a) Sub Pools 1 and 3

Contract Numbers:

Sub Pool 1 - 47QRAD20D8139

Sub Pool 3 - 47QRAD20D8304

Contract Period:

Sub Pool 1 – 8/13/2020 – 12/19/2024

Sub Pool 3 - 8/13/2020 – 12/19/2024

Contact Information:

Project Manager – Stephen Willlingham