As an organization we are focused on testing. What sets us apart from other companies is our extensive, practical experience. Our team understands how to test more effectively because we have regularly developed and deployed software, assured security and privacy, and managed programs. We know how it “should” work.

We provide our customers with early insights into process deficiencies, so they can make timely and informed decisions, resulting in improved and accelerated program performance, reduced program cost, mitigated risks/shortened issue resolution, delivered in-scope system features and functionality, and clearly defined and traceable performance measures.

How do we make it happen?
We are an Agile team. We believe so strongly in the Agile concept, everyone you will work with is a Scrum Master. We understand it from the moment it is thrown on the board and then we make sure it works. With this approach, testing gets embedded into the system, which helps in managing defects far in advance.

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We know that current business problems are complex and multi-faceted, and solutions must be carefully formed to address this. Our first committment is to a strong relationship with our clients. We believe it is essential to a successful project, and ensures that we understand and support the detailed needs of a given project. We will design and build new systems from the ground up, integrate new functionalities, assess current architecture, convert legacy systems, maintain current systems, and more.

We are also committed to building great teams who share our passion for innovation. We know that our people are what bring a design concept to life, and can transform the most difficult requirements into high-functioning systems. We have pulled together resources who can work across development methodologies, and embrace Agile development throughout the lifecycle. They bring a vast array of skills, are experienced with a large scope of tools (including open source), and bring unique viewpoints geared toward continually improving our approach. Our people are the strength behind Sparksoft.

We value our business relationships, our people, an our track record for consistently delivering exceptional solutions and targeted results.

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We are security minded – who isn’t these days. We live in the mindset that the data we touch is precious. It’s our data just as much as it is yours and we know it. Developed from the latest systems engineering and process improvement models, our practice is derived from concepts and standards of IEEE Std. Specifically, 1012 - 2004 Standard for Software Verification and Validation, ITIL, AGILE, FIPS 199 Standards for Security Categorization of Federal Information and Information Systems, NIST SP 800-53 Security and Privacy Control, and NIST 800-63 Electronic Authentication. We mitigate risks, provide security architecture, establish and manage security posture, ensure operational readiness, and assess for Privacy Act compliance.

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Every project we undertake - no matter the size, duration or customer – is run using the strictest standards. We say what we mean and we deliver what we promise. It is no more complicated than that.

We are an ITIL®, and ISO® driven organization; we believe repeatable processes bring efficiencies to any program and ensures success. As the manager for your critical program, we are responsible for the successful delivery of the whole of the proposed implementation or change, coordination of all tasks and projects, and management of their interdependencies.

Our Project Management Professionals (PMP®) Program Managers are the drivers for our customer relationship management and communications. You will know who they are because they will be in your direct vision.